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[Story] I Date White Men Only Part 1


I Date White Men Only Part 1

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The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, Tosin Silverdam. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted. whenever you copy any of our stories to ur friends on whatapp, aways tag it with our website name.

This story is rated 18 and contains strong language and se.x.

Moaning, moaning, moaning, moaning, kissing, smooching, banging, me and Obinna having late night se*x

Me: Yes, yes, oh yes, Obinna, yes.

Obinna: I love you (moaning)

Banging me really hard, thrusting me so hot, at some point i began to scream

Tolu: Haaaaa! Obinna please cum. Cum, cum, cum please

Obinna kept on pounding me, kissing me, squeezing my Bosso, sucking my Tips and kept banging me in scissors style

Obinna: I’m about to cum, sorry baby (moaning tone)

Both of us weating, Obinna became faster this time, thrusting me so deep down, doing it fast, he’s about to cum

Obinna: Ha yes, ooooh, oooh (Panting)

He finally cum.. Breathing heavily, sweating profusely

Obinna: Damn! Thats was crazy (breathing heavily)

Me: Oh my God, i love you Obinna

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Obinna dipped his hand below and brought out the sperm filled condom and dropped it on the floor. Both breathing heavily till we slept off.

Following day, very early in the morning, both us still sleeping, i quickly woke up, picked my wristwatch and checked the time

Me: Oh my God, i have 10 am lectures today, i’m so weak (Yawning)

I tapped Obinna who was still sleeping and snoring..

Me: Obinna wake up (tapping him), wake up, wake up

Obinna gave a very disturbing snore.

Obinna: Oooooh God! What? (Yawning)

Me: Wake up joor, i’m leaving, i have 10 am lectures today.

Obinna: (Yawning) leaving? I thought you said you’re staying till tomorrow (yawning)

Me: No, ooo.

I rose up and sat on the mattress.

Obinna: Hahaha! Okay let us do one more round before you leave

He got up, tried to kiss me..

Me: Stop, what is wrong with you? Isn’t that enough? Hahahaa, we had 3 roumds of se*x now you want another again, abegi.

Obinna: i’ll be very fast

Touching my breast, he was already Hot and hard…

Me: Stop, haa, see give me what i asked from you, thats the reason why i even came here. Im running late.

Obinna: Na you sabi

He got up and went to his wardrobe, brought out some money and gave it to me. I counted the money….

Me: Obinna what’s this? (Held the money with anger)

Obinna: Tolu please help me to manage that, i’ll give you the balance when the month ends.

Me: What? Ending the month?

Obinna wearing his boxers..

Obinna: Tolu, not now biko

Me: You know this is unfair, i asked you for 18k, you’re giving me 8k. This is unfair oo and you were banging me all night, a whole three rounds, (hissing) haaaaa! God what kind of boyfriend is this?

Obinna: I’m sorry (moved close to me, trying to pet me)…. I’ve told you i’ll give you the balance ending of this month.

Me: Ending? Today is just 6th for crying out loud, i told you what i……. See, take your money

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Threw the money at his face, got up and wore my clothes, picked my things.

Obinna: What is the meaning of this? I’ve apologised, what else do you want?

He got up came near me, trying to touch me…

Me: Don’t you touch me, i’m sick and tired of this….. Haaa! God, 3 rounds…

Obinna: Stop saying that Tolu, are you not my girlfriend?

Me: Haaa okay!

Wearing my ear rings, picked my bags… He tried to hug me, i pushed him away and walked out of his room

Obinna: Tolu, Tolu, Tolu…

I left his place in anger, i was so disappointed, so disappointed, after having long session of se*x with him…. I couldn’t go for lectures cos i wasn’t happy, i just had to go the hostel straight. I got to the hostel, my roommate had gone for lectures, i couldn’t do anything cos i was still tired. I just laid on the bed, my phone began to ring, it was Obinna calling, trying to apologize, i didn’t pick his calls, he kept on calling, i got so pissed and switched off my phone and slept off

To be continued…

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[Story] I Date White Men Only Part 1

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wow its interesting

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