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How To Download Movies On 9jarocks (2021 Update)

Mp4 Download How To Download Movies On 9jarocks (2021 Update) 720p 480p , How To Download Movies On 9jarocks (2021 Update) , x265 x264 , torrent , HD bluray popcorn, magnet How To Download Movies On 9jarocks (2021 Update) mkv Download

This is a tutorial showing the faster way to download movies from this website (9jarocks) using different servers (Server 1 & Multi Server)

The trick is closing the ads immediatly it pops up, The below videos shows how to get it right

Download This Video

Thats all guys

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Mr Rock

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  1. I just really wish that someday… I will come here and see Living in bondage, merry men 2 and Sugar rush…am sure my heart won’t contain the kind of joy I’d feel that day.

    1. Pliz Mr rock kindly upload living in bondage, merry men2, elevator baby and sugar rush not forgetting love is yellow

  2. Please try and reduce the ads on your site, it’s too much..Someone cannot click on a movie and it will link you directly..It keeps redirecting to another site.. It’s tiring.

        1. Please I really don’t understand this downloading step can someone help me by educating on the step when downloading with phone

    1. Pls Mr. 9ja, kindly upload The Fighting Temperature featuring Beyonce and Cuba Golden J.R

  3. In reference to my previous request, I meant the ‘fighting temptation’ by Beyonce, Cups Golden J.R. Iwill be so glad sir

  4. Nice. But please work on the above issues raised by other commenters. It’s annoying

    1. Please have been trying to download movie, but its difficult please help me. My sweet love season 3&4

  5. I tried to download movies on 9jarock. Com using srv. 9jarock
    Com AKA server 1 but is not responding. Please help

  6. Love your site. Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing. Could you Please upload

    1. Perfect Picture 10 years later
    2. Sugar rush

    Thank you

  7. Thank you so much for the work you do here. It is much appreciated. Please can you upload descendants of the sun ( a Korean drama). Thanks. Continue the good work

  8. The movies am trying to download does not download finish and I don’t know why

  9. Thank you @Mr. Rocks for the kdrama. Pls can we get descendants of the sun. We love you site, thank you

  10. downloading in this website is so difficult pls help me.I really want to watch movies like “women are scum”, ” how to train a child”,and many
    more,pls help me Mr rock

  11. Thank you @Mr. Rocks for the kdramas.
    Pls flower of evil last episode is out, can u pls get it for us:)… I love your site:)

  12. Love Ur site @Mr. Rocks
    Pls can get a kdrama named cheese in the trap and other ROM-coms.. thank u

  13. Like this site, but am giving up right now, what the hell is all this fucking ads for?

    Bet 9ja and all those shitty site ads

  14. U guys should just quickly close the redirected sites as it closes and move and switch back to the main site.

  15. Pls,I can’t download the app from my play store and I don’t know why.the message am getting is that the app is no longer available

    1. Oh…Last but not least’I do understand Ads helps achieving this Free Download App”9jaRocks.com” its a Awesome App but most of the Ads needs to be minimized or removed there has to be another way? well if theres a will theres a way to keep us all happy with heartfilled comments? Thanking you✌

  16. Good evening @Mr. Rocks..
    Pls can we get drama series pls
    Cheese in the trap and Black
    Happy new year

  17. Salutation? hey all…I know is sooooo super annoying & tiring? but in one way its free download excluding all the Member Registration & what not! To be precise when I find a movie I LIKE or just browsing’ it always redirects you which is such a Pain in the!.. always quickly go back…of course you have to choose Server which best suits you then download but choose most convenient server that take you straight to the Official Download Page which pops up in front of the Ad then you good to go? but the tiny Ads that keeps popping up in 2s, 3s, well that should be Discarded? it takes more of your time closing it, its Interfering 9JaRocks! My downloads areperfect most of the time I say 90%

  18. Why are there so many servers when you want to download movies am confused as to which one I’ll use

  19. This site is annoying I can’t download the add and the redirecting is too much

  20. Mr rocks pls upload this kdrama emergency couple and cheese in the trap
    Thank you

  21. How can i download nigeria movies yeah,i have try to download movies but i cannot.what should i do

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