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[Story] The Adventures of a Private Lesson Teacher (Complete Episodes)


the adventures of a private lesson teacher

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Graduation had finally come and gone , I will definitely miss my friends, my study mates, my environment etc , a lot of thoughts were running through my mind as I was packing and arranging my
load. I begin to ask myself, “after national service next year, what next?”.

Those were my thoughts a year ago. Fast forward, a year later
I had tried to apply for jobs during my service year but I couldn’t get a befitting job. My friends who were born
with silver spoons had jobs waiting for them at home,
“Which kind wahala be this?”, I picked my bag, boarded a bus to Akure. When i got home, my family and neighbours welcomed me, it was as if a white man had come on a visit. People were asking me questions, some greeted me, some were asking for what I brought. As the days rolled by, I began to search for a job to do, I moved round the town to see if I could get a job somewhere. One day while I was walking on the 3rd street, I saw a woman coming out of a mighty white duplex house. She was pasted a notice on her gate as I was passing by. I moved closer to see the what she was pasting, and on it I saw ”. A home lesson teacher wanted URGENTLY”. Chaiii, I ignored at first and moved on. After walking about 8 steps. I stopped and thought.
***** why I go refuse this job na?, dem be rich people ooo, so dem fit pay.*****, I stopped thinking, went back to the house, and knocked on the gate. The gateman ushered me in. The gateman took me to the main entrance, called out the woman and left,
ME: good afternoon maa
MADAM: good afternoon young man, how can I help you?
ME: I saw you pasting a notice and I decided to apply.
MADAM: you mean the home tutor job?
ME: Yes
MADAM: hope u passed your WAEC? And what was your result?.
ME: *****smiled*****, yes maa I have.
MADAM: but I will prefer a graduate because my first daughter wants to write JAMB (JOINT ADMISSIONS AND MATRICULATIONS BOARD) and post jamb( a Nigerian entrance examination for tertiary students), so a
graduate will do better,
ME: *****i looked at myself and thought, “chaiiii, small stature na bad thing oooo, see I no look like graduate ?”***** smiled, I’m a graduate maa.
MADAM: really?, oooohh, pls I am so sorry for the embarrassment, so sorry please, u look very young, please come
in please. she ushered me into the living room.
The interior of the room is a nice one, a colourful design and nice set of furniture. I sat on the chair and she sat down opposite me.
MADAM: I’m sorry once again
ME: its not a problem ma
MaDAM: which state are you from?
ME: Edo
MADAM: how old are you.
ME: ****felt embarrassed*** 23
MADAM: 23? Then what age did you graduate?
ME: 21 , Maa
MADAM: smiled u must be a genius, I like that. So let’s get to business. My first daughter janet is 19, she failed her last jamb attempt, so she is writing another one, so u will teach her physics, chemistry and math, least I forget. What’s course did you read?
ME: chemistry, Maa
MaDAM: then you should be able to do well then,
ME: ok ma, ***i looked at the photo on the wall directly in front of me, it was that of a very pretty young lady, she is fair and has a big burst.

This must be janet,

********“chaiiiii, omo see boobbi****

MADAM: I also have a son, 12 in JSS 3, u will be teaching him mathematics.
Me: ok ma.
MADAM: ********called someone by the name “Sikira,” Sikira!!! , bring a bottle of coke for me with a glass ******
A young girl appeared from the kitchen, her dressing shows that she must be the house maid. She is fair too but not like janet, she must be in her early 20’s I guess, she has this local inbuilt beauty, a nice dimple and an average sized bosom. She served the coke and when she turned around.

*******Chaiiiiiiii, omo see asssssssssss.********

Its that type like mercy johnson’s.

I sipped the coke and continue the discussion.
MADAM: that is my house maid, no tempt her with your fine boy look oooooo,
ME: ok maa.
Madam: just kidding. So how much are you charging me?
ME: *****thought for a while, viewed the look of the house, the cars I saw outside
30,000 niara maa
MADAM: heeeeeeeee, why? I’m not employing you to train her for cambridge. I will pay you 20,000 per month for the 2 children.
ME: ok maa
MADAM: let me give you a little rule. Don’t go beyond academics with my daughter, I think you understand what I
mean ?. If you do, I will send hired killers to finish you
ME: ok maa,

*******so this woman is only
concerned about her daughter’s nyaash, what about sikira?*****.

Excuse me maa, can I ask a question?
Madam: go ahead.
ME: please are the children around?! I want to introduce myself to them

****in my mind, I want to see how janet
looks like in reality****.

MaDAM: janet’s gone to a friend’s birthday party, gideon my son is sleeping inside. Maybe when you start yours lesson, you will know them
ME: thanks maa. One more thing please, I wish to meet daddy too.
MADAM: laughs, daddy is not in nigeria,.
Me: ok maa, let me take my leave,

PART 2. Over the weekend, I had a fresh hair cut, a
fresh perfume, a new 3 packs of shirt all
ahead of my new job. I relocated to my
own apartment in akure where I used to
live before I left for service.
Finally, its monday, I went straight to my
new job at 10am.
“Ko ko ko”, I knocked on the gate, the
gateman opened, looked at me. He
recognised me. Madam no dey around, “he
replied” but madam say make aunty janet
attend to you, aunty janet dey inside.
I entered into the compound. Knock on the
main door.
“Ko ko ko”.
Who is that?, a voice answered from
Its me onihaxy, I replied. She opened the
door and stood at the entrance.
**Chaiiiiii, janet was wearing a black
round neck top, the Tips were pointing out,
I guess she isn’t wearing a bra, she wore a
micro mini skirt, she has an average
height with a yam leg*******
JANET: ****i guess she can’t recognise
seeing me days back, well its normal sha,
girls don’t recollect seeing guys but guy can
always recollect seeing a lady at
12midnight.****, who are u looking for?
ME: I am the new lesson teacher. Mummy
told me to resume today.
JANET:, ****still not smiling**** really?,
come in and have your seat…….
Sikira!!!!!!!, where is this?, she screamed.
**i thought in mind, this girl must be
mean, see the wey she dey scream on this
poor girl.****
sikira came out, she saw me sitting,
she smiled at me and said “Hello sir”, I
smiled back and said “hi”. Janet frowned at
her and shouted at her, “pick this cup and
get out of here, “. Sikira left and janet
turned to me. I looked at her again and
can’t believe she is 19. Her body shape
looks 24.
She is robust like “akebaje”. She sat down
on the other chair, she smiled a little.
JANET: I’m sorry pls, that is just lazy, if I
don’t shout at her, she will never work. So
what is your name again?
ME: onihaxy
JANET: ok, mummy already informed I and
my brother that you will be coming
around to tutor us. So let’s talk
ME: ok
JANET: I hope you will tutor well because
you will be the 4th teacher to be employed
this year, they all are not good at teaching,
and when I notice that you are not good, I
will report you to mum and you will be
ME: **my heart skip beats****, I am a good
and born teacher, I will try my best.
JANET: better. So let’s discuss the time
table. Mummy said 5 times a week but I
want it 3 or 4 times. And mummy must not
know about this. Understand?
ME: ****no wonder you no pass jamb, lazy
girl****. Ok, I replied
JANET: so what time and day will be ok for
ME: any day and time you fix is ok
JANET: anyday and time?. I thought you
teach at a school? Or don’t you work
ME: ***chaiiiiiiii, this girl is rude oooo,
see as she dey question me****, I used to
teach when I served. I just passed out and
still job hunting.
JANET: raised eye brow so you are a
graduate?, you have served?, waaooooooh,
I was thinking you are an NCE holder or
school cert. That is interesting. She smiled.
ME: ***chaiii, see as my small stature dey
embarrass me****. So what time will u
JANET: monday, Wednesday, friday and
saturday. You will come at 2pm, teach me
till 4pm when gideon will be back from
Then start with gideon from 4:30 to 6pm. Is
that ok by you.
ME: its ok. So can we start today?.
JANET: no problem, will you wait behind?
Or come back by 2pm?
ME: **thought***, I think I will come back.
But where is mummy
JANET: don’t you know she will be at
work? She is a banker and won’t be back
untill 6:30pm or 7pm.
ME: **chaiii, this girl is naturally rude***,
ok janet, I will be back by 2pm.
JANET: wait, let me have your number just
incase. ”
Sikara!!!!!!!!!!!, bring my phone for me on
my bed” she screamed.
Sikira came with the phone. Janet collected
it from sikira while sikira is still standing
there. She smiled at me again.
JANET: call your number
ME: 0806323********
JANET: saved, ****she flashed my
ME: I got it, let me be on my way, I will be
back by 2pm.
She returned the phone to sikira to return,
I left the compound, walked
out to the gate. Just as I was outsited the
gate, my phone ranged. I looked at the
screen, it was an unknown number. I
ME: hello, who is this?
CALLER: its me sikirat, that is my number,
save it. I will call you later, bye.
***hanged up****
I got home wondering, what does sikirat
wants from me?. She must have memorised
my number while I was calling it to janet.
**fast forward***.
Its 1:30pm, I left my house and set out for
my lesson job. I arrived at the white house,
knocked on the gate and the gateman
ushered me in.
I went straight to the main door entrance.
A heavy sound of. “I fit
die ontop your matter” was coming out of
the room that no one could hear me
knocking. Then I remembered I have janet’s
number. I called her and no one picked. I
called sikirat that I’m outside,. A minute
later, the door was opened. I entered and
met janet on a pink top and a bump short.
She was sweating, then I guess she must
have been dancing.
ME: hi jane, I’m here for the lesson,
JANET: “eeeehhmmm onihaxy” did I get it
ME: yes
JANET: see I’m tired oooo. I’m not sure I
will do lesson today. I have been dancing
since. If not for sikirat who told me that it
seems someone is knocking, I wouldn’t
have known you are outside
ME: ****chaii, omo see sense, this sikirat
wise oooo****. Ok jane, so what will
happen now.
JANET: maybe you should wait for gideon
to be back from school. Then you should
teach him.
ME: ok
JANET: what should I offer you?
ME: ****why dis girl dey act nice this time
na?****. I’m ok for now,
I waited for gideon and I thought him
mathematics. I continued the lesson since
that day. Janet will skip lessons most times
and I dare not tell mummy. Sikirat will
sneak to call
me. She said aunty janet and mummy must
not catch her. Most times, we will do
midnite call, we do talk about everything
except s#x. I guess she doesn’t want to
bring it up and I wasn’t interested neither.
I would still prefer janet to sikirat any day.
until one day when sikirat said she wants
to tell me something.
ME: hello sikirat, u said you wanted to tell
me something.
SIKIRAT: please I need your help. I don’t
know if you will help me,
ME: just say it first.
SIKIRAT:. I wanted a service that I can’t
afford to pay for
ME: what service dear?
SIKIRAT: I’m shy to say it.
ME: just say it dear
SIKIrAT: emmmmm ehhmmmm
eeehhmmm. You see, I dropped
out at JSS2. I have passion to go to school
but my parents don’t
have the capacity. A sister who brought me
to akure from ilorin
promised my parents to send me to school.
Only to end up renting me out madam
when we reach akure. I still want
ME: you mean you want to go back to
SIKIRAT: not really
ME: so what do you want?
SIKIRAT: I want you to be teaching me
lesson but I don’t have money to pay.
ME: that’s not a problem sikirat. Whenever
I come next, I will be
teaching you when I’m through with janet
and gideon
SIKIRAT: no oooo, mummy and aunty janet
will not support it, they hate me so much,
infact, they might send me out of the
ME: so what do you want us to do?
SIKIRAT: I will be coming to your house
ME: *****my heart skipped beat*****.
When and how?
SIkiRAT: I used to go to market to buy
house needs every 5 days.
I can spend like 2hrs at your place before
going to market. And also on friday nights.
Everyone used to go to vigil and I am
always the only one at home with the
gateman, I can always come around… Abi
ur wife will not support it?
ME: looolz, wife kee?, I have not married,
and I’m not in any relationship for now.
SIKIRAT: you mean you don’t have any
ME: yes
SIKiRaT: thank God oooo, no one will say I
want to use lesson to snatch her boyfriend.
After the conversation, I was wondering
how midnite lessons will
look like. Chaiiii, sikirat .

Episode 3
The following week started. Sikira started her
at my house every 5 market days. She will stop
by and
spend between one hour to two hours before
going to market. I was not sxually
attracted to sikirat because of her mode of
dressing which was extremely local. I told her
about her dressing and she said there was
nothing she could do about it. I told her that I
will get her new cloths, but she said she won’t
be able to wear them because
its madam that always buy the clothing for her
and she dares not put on anything that doesn’t
come from
chaiii, this madam is wicked ooooo, she just
wanted to kill the beauty in this sikiratu, I
Whenever sikirat comes around, I teach her
basic english and
mathematics, and I gained something new in
return, sikirat will branch at my place when
coming back from the market, she will give me
part of the food stuffs, beef and fruit she is
suppose to carry to madam. I started eating
good meals courtesy sikiratu,
since the day1 of her lesson, I have been
enjoying the same meal as that of the white
house. Most times, sikirat
will cook the soup for me before going back
home. Yet, I didnt have the mindset of
having s
x with her because she wasn’t
sxually attractive. We had problem with the
friday night classes because
madam and the family always come back from
church by 5am and sikirat must be met in the
house, so we suspended the night
tutorials. Janet was still skipping class as usual.
From 5 classes to 4, then 3, now she attends
only 2 classes in a week. I dare not tell madam
as instructed, otherwise janet will make me
loose my
job. All I do during janet’s periods is to sit
down and watch african magic while she either
goes out of
the house or lock herself up in the room. I was
uncomfortable about janet’s
attitude and decided to speak with sikirat
about it one day during our lessons in my
ME: sikirat, what is wrong with that janet sef?,
she is very lazy, she keeps skipping class and
I’m getting fed up.
SIKIRAT: laughs for a while: sebi she dey
reduce your stress ni?, then why complain?.
ME: what if she fails her next jamb exam?,
madam will sack me that I’m not doing my
SIKIRAT: there is nothing you can do about it,
madam had
employed 3 lesson teachers this year before
you,whenever they complain to madam about
aunty janet’s attitude.
Aunty janet will lie that the teachers want to
sleep with her, then madam will sack them.
ME: chaiiiiiiiiiiii . Na wa ooooo. So what do I
do now?
SIkirAT: just obey whatever she says if you
want to retain your job.
then I thought to myself, there must be a
way out of this, but that is what I don’t know
Two month hv past since I started my lessons
in the white house and my
second week of lesson with sikirat. Sikirat has
been responding better, she works her
assignment very well
and still, there is no intimate attraction
because sikirat will always wear a big long
gown like old mama, and threads her hair with
rubber. The following week, sikirat arrived at
my house as usual
and told me.
SIkIRAT: Oluwale, “we can now be having
classes every friday night”
ME: suprised. But how? Where? And
SiKIrAT: at our house. The white house.
ME: but you know that will not be possible.
What about the gateman?. You want to kill me?
SiKIRAT: you have nothing to worry about, I
have discussed
everything with him. In fact he is happy about
it and ready to help. He just wanted to see you
for confirmation.
ME: are you sure I’m safe?
SiKIRAT: very sure.
After the lesson, sikirat hugged me and later
kiss me as she was leaving for market. I was
shocked and my dick rose up.
SIKIRAT: I’m sorry for what I did. I just wanted
to appreciate you for
your support and classes.
ME: you are welcome.
Sikirat left for the market, returned to my
house as usual to drop food stuffs before going
back to the white house.
The following monday. I went to the white
house for lessons as usual. When I knocked the
gate, the gate man opened and
said. “Oga teacher, abeg, I wan see you small
We entered his quarters directly beside the
gate. He
offered me a sit and we
started the discussion.
ME: oga peter, u say u wan see me. Hope no
Gateman:. Yes, na sikirat discuss something
with me and I wan confirm from you.
ME: and what is that?
***pretends as if I didn’t know anything

Gateman: she say she don start a lesson at
your place but the time no reach, she come
say she want make
you dey come here every friday nights when
madam and the family go vigil( allnite).
ME: yes, she said it. So what are we doing
about it?
Gateman: the thing wey go happen be say. You
go dey come around 9pm. I go sneak you into
my quarters.
And when madam and the family don go
church, you go come out go meet sikiratu
for inside. And when its 15minutes to 5am. U
go come back to my quarters because you no
fit go out until 5;30am because of
vigilantes. So when its 5:30am , I go sneak you
out of the gate. U hear am?.
ME: oga peter, you get sense. Thank you very
Gateman: that one na small thing. I dey do am
because you be showboy, you dey always buy
gala (sausage roll) come for me. And sikirat too
na good girl. She dey always add to my food
and steal fish for me to chop. I just happy say
she wan learn book. But the service
na on 2 conditions oooooo.
ME: wetin be the condition?
Gateman: you go dey pay me 5k monthly, and
the 2nd one be say, you for not go beyond
lesson with sikira oo. Because if she get belley,
them go mention my name say na me dey
allow guys enter come give am.
ME: se na only that 2?
Gateman: yes
Me: no problem. I be gentle boy and besides, I
no dey date sikirat, I just see am as a good
Gateman: ***laughs****, u mean say since all
this days wey sikirat dey come your house, you
never chop
ME: I swear
Gateman: oga teacher, you don miss ooooo.
You see wounded cow, you no slaughter, see
na healthy cow you wan come cut.
ME: thank you oga peter, make I dey go meet
janet, we go talk later.
I walked into the house to meet janet. She was
still rude, bossy and lazy as usual. She only
managed to stay
40minutes for the chemistry class before going
inside again. I waited for gideon, tutored him
and left.
It was friday, sikirat had called me at 8pm to
remind me of our new schedule. I no just get
the heart, my mind
just dey shake say if dem catch me nko?.
I gather courage went to the white
house,sneaked into the
gateman’s room as planned. And when the
family were out, I left the room. Before I
could get to the door, sikirat had opend the
main door. You are welcome “she said”.
She took me straight to her room. She had
kept a plate of rice and meat for me. She said
“that is the food I’m
supposed to eat, but I
decided to eat the remnants from the pot and
keep this for you.”.
Haba, u shouldn’t have done that now, why
starve yourself? I said. She replied, you
deserve more than that,
infact you deserve
everything in this world. For you to tutor me
free of charge,
agreed to pay oga peter 5k monthly and also
risk your life to be here at nights, u deserved
everything. I was
marvelled. I never knew I have done
something that important. After eating.. I
marked her previous
assignment. We did little of
mathematics till 11:10pm. Sikirat said she was
tired and wanted to
take her bath then go to bed. I said ok. Just
infront of me, sikirat untied her wrapper from
her waist and
removed her top. Oh my
GOD!!!, she wasn’t wearing anything inside. For
the first time, I saw the real beauty in sikirat.
She was so endowed
with an average bosom but not up to that of
janet. The boobbi were so shaped and the tips
were pointed. My dick
resurrected again but I had to
stylishly cover it.
ME: haba, sikirat, you don’t even care that I’m
here, see how you are unclad
Sikirat:. laughs
. Why should I be afraid?,
are a special part
of me. I know you like aunty janet and don’t
like me because you are educated and I am a
poor house girl.
ME: its not like that sikirat, if I don’t like you,
I won’t risk my life to be here this night.
Sikirat: but you don’t admire me.

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ME :
Just infront of me, sikirat
untied her wrapper from her waist and
removed her top. Oh my
GOD!!!, she didn’t wear anything inside. For
the first time, I saw
the real beauty in sikirat. She was so
endowed with a average b### m but not
up to that of janet. The Bottom
were so shaped and the tips were pointed.
My D##k resurrected again but I had to
stylishly cover it.
ME: haba, sikirat, you don’t even care that
I’m here, see how you are unclad
Sikirat:. **laughs***. Why will I be afraid?,
you are a special part of me. I know you
like aunty janet and don’t like me because
you are educated and I am a poor house
ME: its not like that sikirat, if I don’t like you,
I won’t risk my life to be here this night.
Sikirat: but you don’t admire me and
always touch me each time I come to your
ME: I’m shy ni. Because you are older than
SIkiRAT: and you are educated than me. So
who is higher between the two of us?.
We laughed as she enters the bathroom to
shower. In less than 6
minutes, she was out, tieing a towel and
still saw me fully
dressed in my jean trousers and
roundneck. Oga teacher!, is this
how you want to sleep with your dress on?
She said. I’m ok like this, I replied.
She said “no oooo, there is heat”. She came
closer, unbutton my shirt, removes my
singlets, in the process, her towel loosed.
OMG!!, sikirat is naturally beautiful without
She looks s#xier and younger. I don’t know
where the courage came from. I
pull her head closer and kissed her. She
responded an kissed me
passionately. I grabbed her b###m, began
to suck, squeeze and
press. She was moaning softly and helping
to unzip my trousers.
She removes my trousers while I suck her. I
l### # d her down to the abdomen and
down to the kitten. Sikirat is clean and
shaved. I teased her clits with my tongue,
insert one finger into the hole,
increased it to 2 and to 3. She was making
heavy sound. Ouuuuuuch yeeaaaaaaah. At
a time, she was
releasing juice. I continue teasing the clit
with my tongue and her
moan was increasing. She pushed my back
to the bed. Removed my
trousers and sucked me. OMG!!, sikirat gave
the best orals I have ever had in my life. She
sucked all the balls,
shafts and tips. I cummed in her mouth.
She swallowed it and continued sucking till
I was erected again. Then she lied beside
me and said “oga
teacher, come and fuccck me”. But I don’t
have a condom here. I replied. She said
“oooh God. Can’t you do it
without condom?”. I said NO because oga
peter warned me that you should not be
pregnant. She laughed. She removed the
rubber band on her hair
and then walked Unclad to the kitchen. I
still don’t know what she is up to with the
rubber band. She came back with a small
white nylon. She wore the nylon on my
D##k, then Insert the rubber band at the
bottom of my erected D##k ”****chaiii,
this girl too get sense. Omo seee
improvised condom for here ooooo****.
Now wey you don wear cap, come Bleep
me abeg, sikirat said.
Without wasting much time. I lean forward
to her. Started on a missionary style. In out
in out. She was enjoying it and she later
raised her left leg up, followed by the right
leg. Both legs were up now giving me
chanced for
full penetration. She continued moaning as
I was digging. We
switched to woman on top, to canine, to
reverse cow girl, to scissors before be both
cum. Sikirat was so tight
despite her age. We both entered into the
bathroom to have a shower. On
seeing her Bottom again. My D##k
resurrected. She saw it and
smiled. She knelt down on her kneel and
gave me a good blow.job with a deep
sucking. I cummed in her mouth and she
spit it out. We both went back to bed and
sleep. I woke up and sneaked out as
planned. We continued this exercise for the
next 6 weeks. We will meet at my house on
market days
for lessons alone. Then meet at the white
house for s#x and lesson. Not until one
friday night at the white house. We were
inside doing our
normal routing until when armed robber
arrived at the compound
that night …………………………………………………………………………………………

Episode 4
2 weeks before the robbery day, janet had
been skipping class seriously. Shw had
been frustrating my effort and I knew if
she continues this way, no doubt that she
will fail the next JAMB. So I thought of a
plan. Each time I am about to tell her to
attend classes, I will place my phone on a
recorder. So I have been capturing all her
excuses and conversations. Even the
that she do threatened me, I do record the
threats. On the night of the robbery, I have
sneaked in as usual, I ate my dinner in
sikirat’s room. We have had our lessons.
Just when we
were bleeping in canine style, we heard a
knock on the gate. ” Open the gate or else I
will blow your head with gun”, a voice said
from outside. We were scared, my D# # k
went flat instantly.
What do we do now?, sikirat asked. I don’t
know too, I replied. Immediately I
remembered my neighbour friend at home.
His name is sunkanmi. Sunkanmi is a police
officer, he had joined the police force
about 7 years ago, he was feared by people
our neighbourhood. I placed a call to
ME: hello sunkanmi, abeg there is trouble.
Where you dey?
SUNKANMI: I dey work on night duty
ME: please we need your help at the white
SUNKANMI: where is white house? And
what is happening there?.
ME: armed robber are here pls do
something to help us. i described the

Sunkanmi: but wetin u dey do for there this
midnite?. You go rob?
ME: I will explain later.
I hanged up. I and sikirat locked ourselves
inside the bathroom in her room. The
thieves had gained entrance into the
compound, manipulated the entrance door
and now in the living room. They searched
every room including sikirat’s room. We
didn’t make any sound, they went to the
kitchen, ate the beefs in the pot before
returning back to the living room. They
were about going away with some money
and properties when we heard another
voice outside “stop there, if you move then
you are dead”. I was happy that sunkanmi
had helped. All the robbers were arrested, I
and sikirat came out of the room, dressed
up and went outside to see what was
going on. I couldn’t see sunkanmi among
the cops. The police officer asked ” who
are the occupants of this house?”, the
gateman pointed to sikirat as the person
who lives in the main house as at this time.
The police officer turned to me. Oga, who
are you?. I went dumb and couldn’t speak.
How do I explain my identity?. Its past 4am,
the robbers are now in the police van, the
officer told I and sikirat to follow them to
station for statement writing. ****chaiiiii,
my own don meet me today, wetin I go tell
madam?, how do I get there at midnite?,
what for?. On reaching the station, I called
sunkanmi and he gave me directions to
where I will see him.
ME: sunky baba, you have to help me
SUnKANMI: what happened?, I was the one
who arranged the boys to rescue you after
your call last night.
ME: I know, but I needed help.
SUnKANMI: what do you want me to do for
ME: ********i explained all my movements,
my secret lessons to
SunKANMI: so what?
ME: madam will be here soon. What will be
my explanation?
SUNKANMI: leave that to me, In your
statement, just write it that you were
coming from a vigil when you noticed the
robbery movements, you hide somewhere,
minutes later, you called me. You saw the
gate opened by the robbers, you summon
the courage to enter with the mindset to
rescue the occupants of the house, then
the police arrived. That’s all.
ME: sunky baba. Thanks so much ooooo.
****chaiiii, see police
sense. I went back to meet sikirat,
whispered into her ears about what
sunkanmi said. She was happy and relieved
because she too was scared of what will
happen if madam finds out. Sunkanmi also
gave a script to sikirat to write. It was that
day I believed that
We both write our statements as directed
by sunkanmi. At about 6:10am, madam and
janet arrived.
MADAM: police officer, what happened?, I
heard my house was
robbed and my maid is here? i guess
oga peter didn’t mention my name to
madam. That good of him****
IPO: yes madam. It was this young man
that alerted the police
“pointing at me”****he reads out my
statement to madam.
Sunkanmi also add sauce and juice to the
story. Madam was so exicited. See me at
home tomorrow sunday at 3pm “madam
said to me”. Its 3pm on sunday, I dressed
well and went straight to the white house.
I was welcomed warmly. Madam, janet and
gideon were sitting in the living room.
MADAM: onihaxy, I’m so happy about what
you did, for your courage, boldness and the
police you invited to save our properties
from been stolen.
ME: ******my head come dey swell
. You
are welcome ma.
MADAM: now, you are now more than a
lesson teacher. You are now part of our
family. Feel free to come here any time. You
may sleep over whenever you feel like.
ME: ****my head come swell again*****
thank you ma.
MADAM: sikira!!!!!!!!!!!!, show onihaxy his
new room. He is now part of us, whenever
he feels like sleeping over, he should be
Janet looked at me, she smiled and winked.
I followed sikirat to see the room. Now, no
more sneaking, we are now closer. “Sikirat
I left the white house on that sunday
evening, different thoughts running
through my mind. What is janet up to?, why
did she winked at me?, what if I was
caught with sikirat?, I thought of
everything and decided to maintain my
usual lesson outing with to the white
Sikirat’s lesson at my home continued every
market days, I keep on enjoying food stuffs
and beef courtesy of sikirat, we still our
friday night lesson/s#x at the white house.
Something happened along the line. I came
for lessons as usual and met janet in the
living room looking depressed and sad. I
tried talking to her but she won’t say a
word. I manipulated her by every means
but she won’t talk, I came closer to her,
held her palm, she was so cold, I looked
into her eyes and it was soaked, Janet must
be going through something or something
happened to her I thought, yet she
wouldn’t speak. Janet stood up and went
to her room. I didn’t know where the
boldness came from, I followed her.
She sat on her bed, bending down her
head and supporting it with her left hand,
she was wearing her usual bump short
with a yellow top. I sat beside her. Held her
hand again trying to talk to her.
“Janet, you can talk to me” I can’t say
anything, she replied. “Do you want me to
start crying also?” She lift up head looked
at me and said,
Onihaxy, “I have been heart broken”…………

Episode 5
ME: what really happened?
JANET: I used to have a boyfriend, his
name his kingsley. He was the one who
deflowered me and I love him so much.
ME: so what went wrong?
JANET: I loved him with everything, my
life, my parent’s money, my
everything******wanted to cry***
ME: its ok janet, but you still haven’t told
me what happened.
JANET: he said he is no longer
ME:****placed my hand on her back,
drew her closer*****. He said so for
what?, why?, what did he said your
offence is?
JANET: he said I am proud, arrogant, rude
and bossy. I smiled, comforted her,
wiped her tears and cuddled her. That
day marks the beginning of my
friendship with janet. We chat and gist
for the first time for long hours.
I got home, dropped my fone on my bed
and tried to catch some sleep when I got
a new whatsapp message, “thanks so
much for your words of comfort, and
thanks for giving me a smile today”. This
is my whatsapp number”. I smiled and
saved it.
Day after day, week after week, janet and
I became closer that we exchange calls
and texts everyday, we chat till late
nights. I graduated from sitting room
conversations to following her into her
room on many occasions. One day while
in janet’s room, a text came in from
sikirat, “onihaxy, we have to talk”. Chaiii,
sikirat is getting uncomfortable.
Its was another market day, sikirat came
around as usual. But this time, she wore
a frown face.
SiKIRAT: what is going on between you
and aunty janet?
ME: there is nothing. I’m just trying to
make friend with her so as to persuade
her to take her lessons serious and pass
her exams.
SIKIRAT: ****sad face****, onihaxy its a
lie, I have been noticing
the two of you recently, I know she has
been calling you recently, its unfair
oooooo, you want to dump me abi?
wanted to cry
ME: ****i drew her closer***, I’m not
dumping you, you know I like you.
SIKIRAT: I’m scared, I’m not feeling safe,
this is my first time of having a graduate
boyfriend in my life, this is my first time
of loving a guy to this level, I don’t trust
ME: why?
SIKIRAT: you may dump me because I am
a house girl.
ME: you know I won’t do that.
I pet sikirat, I drew her mouth closer and
planted a kiss on her lips, she responded,
it led to a hot romance, I walked my
hands down to her. Blouse, pulled it off, I
found her b## #m , I sucked, lick her
down to the abdomen, then lift up her
long skirt, pull her pant to one side with
my finger, exposing her already wet
K## # y -Cat, tease the clit, sikirat was
giving out heavy moan. I was doing my
job on the K###y-Cat, squeezing her
b###m with the left hand and unzipping
my trousers with the right hand. She was
heavily without holding my D# # k . This is
strange, sikirat that I know will grab my
D##k and do mouth justice to it. But this
time she didn’t. My erected D##k couldn’t
sense that there was a danger ahead.
I had pulled off my trousers, pull out a
condom, wore it on my
erected D##k. I was about digging her
suckaway when said “onihaxy wait”.
SIKIRAT: do you truly love me?
ME: offcourse you know that I do, why
the question?
SIKIRAT: if you know you truly love me,
there is something I want you to do for
me right now. Will you do it?
ME: ****my D##k still erect and eager to
dig the suckaway****,
yes dear, just name it dear, I will do
anything for you, I mean anything, just
name it. I can catch shekau for you if you
ask for it.
SIKIRAT: *****she opened her purse,
brought out a blade***. If
you know you truly love me, I want us to
make a bl0
d covenant so that I can be
assured that you will not just Bleep me
and dump me.
My D##k dropped instantly..
“Shocked” bl0*d covenant?

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I enjoyed the story… U really did a great job

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I love it

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Got me glued to my screen from begining to end. Nice one!!!

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engaging and well scripted

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I just dey pity that poor girl
This boy sef nah wahala.pro max

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