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Investigation – Yoruba Movie

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Investigation - Yoruba Movie
rich man with a vast amount of wealth and property and an array of staff suspected that his life was gravely in danger.
He hired the services of a personal investigator before he could dig deep into the case, lives were lost and more dirty secrets were brought into the open.

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Mr Rock

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7 years ago

Thanks… Nice one! Forget not Ijaya and Idajo! #thanksrock

Solomon OlaOluwa aka Dexter
Solomon OlaOluwa aka Dexter
7 years ago

The movie – investigation is interesting, innovative and educative but had a bad ending, I hope its in parts and the 2 is out to solve all the puzzles that was shown to us,more so, this kind of movie ought to be a Yoruba tv series movie SO that the information will be well detailed and narrated. I love the criminology scene its educative…. Lastly kudos to Yoruba actors they are now thinking out of the box. I love the innovative write up. Now I can now watch Nigerian movie!

7 years ago

Good Morning Rock trust this meet you well i just notice you no longer upload jenifas diary please help where can i get the website name thank you

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