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World’s Top 3 RICHEST AND WORTHIEST Hip Hop Singers


Not every one of us knows about the wealth of a single hip hop star singer but they literally live a luxurious life. From a STAR’s perspective, it’s clear that they are literally blessed with almost every item necessary for their living – money, fame, reputation, recognition, demand, dominance over the emotions of their fans and much more. Discussing these facts more deeply, let’s have a look at the world’s top 3 wealthiest hip hop singer. It’s possible that you find your favorite in this list too! Let’s get started from richer to richest!

3- Shawn Corey Carter:
We searched a lot and found Jay Z suitable for this place. Jay Z secure this position by having a net worth of $550 Million. The source of all the money, which he has earned, came from his hard work in music production, sports, fashion and from his outstanding rapping. Despite the fact that he is a great rapper, Jay Z is also a well-known actor, a sports manager and more surprisingly, he is also an entrepreneur. In a local interview, once the Jay Z was questioned regarding his real
wealth, he simply gave a smile and replied that his only wealth is Blue Ivy Carter (his only child) and Beyoncé Knowles (his wife).

2- Andre Romelle Young:
Dr. Dre , when born in Compton, California, USA, had to face the
African American ethnicity. Early in his childhood, he started to develop his abilities in music (I don’t wanna go into his music career but it’s worth mentioning here).

Recently, after selling his company Beats to Apple, he stands at the world’s second most richest hip hop singer of all times by having a worth of $735 million. The source of his earning is actually his passion of making incredible music, rapping, songwriting, investing (as an entrepreneur), and attending TV shows. The only moment when he got rich enough to be able to stand at this position was when he sold his highly expensive company of headphones Beats Electronics to the Apple in May of 2014. This was the moment when Dr. Dre had a huge bounce in his bank balance because this deal of selling his company to Apple profited him about $3 billion but due to taxes and other deductions, Dr. Dre only got $500 million.

1- Sean Combs:
Sean Comb was basically a cable channel owner. He used to sponsor the fashion brand. The earning that he received from the sponsors, was also donated to the
universities and other NGOs.
So in that sense, P Diddy is a true super-hero. He holds the top position by securing the total amount of $735 million that is exclusively earned from fashion, music, and his personal business ventures. He owns a great dominance in the hip hop industry where he is commonly famous as the producer, fashion designer, businessman, rapper and hip hop

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