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11 Ways To Earn A Woman’s Trust.


The good looks, well-defined muscles, immaculate dress sense and smooth talking will all count for nothing when a woman cannot even trust your words, let alone your actions.

Ask every woman, regardless of their size, age and other classification, they will tel you that they rate trustworthiness as a top character trait of a good man.

There, above, is how very important trust is in a romantic
relationship [and many other relationships, TBH.]

And when you add the fact that many ladies have been [un] consciously programmed to have trust issues, you see how it is even more necessary for us guys to become deserving of a woman’s unreserved trust.

To that effect, here are things that earn you a woman’s trust…100%.

1. Do not be scared to tell her the bad things about you Don’t you think it’ll be suspicious if all you
say when you are talking about yourself are only the good things you can do, or the good things you have done?

2. Let your word be your bond Always say what you mean and mean what you say. There might
be no better test of your trustworthiness than this.

3. Don’t say bad things about your friend I mean, how is anyone supposed to trust you when you say terrible things about your own friends behind their back?

4. Don’t get defensive when she asks awkward questions No matter how awkward the situation and the resultant questions she fires at you, you must realize that all she wants is
reassurance and the best way to grant her that is to answer the
questions as coolly and as honestly as possible.
Getting defensive will only raise her suspicion, generate more questions in her mind and decrease her trust in you.

5. You keep old friends If all your close friends are people you met one year ago, we need to ask you what happened to the friends from way back.
This might mean that you cut out people very easily and that does not bode well for the trust a lady might be hoping to build in you.

6. You can ditch a woman for a friend in need If a friend gives you a distress call while you are maybe on a date with a lady, and you ignore the call or lied about your whereabouts just to avoid being there for him at that time, a
sensible lady will take note of that as a sign of your unreliability.
I actually wouldn’t blame a woman who walks out on you right there and then.
I mean, if you can do that to your friend just to hang out with a
babe, what kind of man are you?

7. You are good with secrets
If you can restrain yourself and keep secrets of other people
from her when you necessarily have to, she might not like it, but
she will get used to it eventually and in fact come to respect you
for it because, you have shown her that her own secrets are just
as safe with you.

8. You let her know details of your phone This is easy. A phone without passwords or one whose password is well known to your lady is one of the easiest, fastest ways to earn her trust.
It suggests that you have nothing to hide from her.

9. You’re not a disgraceful mess when drunk I’d say don’t get drunk at all, but of course, this is an attempt at futility.
However, a woman’s trust in you will be heightened if, somehow, you relatively act sensibly when drunk.
Simply because the things people say when they are drunk are actually their real tendencies which were subdued during their sober periods.
10. You act the same around everyone Your accent does not suddenly change when you are somewhere, you comport yourself the same way every time, everywhere.

11. You’re trusting If after all these things you are doing to earn her trust, you refuse to trust her, then you should maybe stop wasting your time because your refusal to trust her will most likely undo all the fine work you have done.

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