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See 7 Health Benefits Of Sleeping N*ked


See 7 Health Benefits Of Sleeping N*ked

The society we live in requires us to cover up all parts of our body. As a matter of fact, we are used to wearing clothes throughout the day that it feels odd when we expose some layers of our body even in our closet. One sleep survey found that sleeping without the confines of clothing can give a variety of health benefits. And in addition, we all know that getting enough rest is good for the health. It is worthy of mention that sleeping naked boosts your healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Sleeping Naked Allows Your Body to Breathe
We trap our skin beneath tight undergarments, shoes, socks, jeans, button-ups, suits, jackets, scarves, hats, and so much more. We spend our entire day hindering our bodies from airing out. Not providing your body proper breathing room can have some downsides, including clogged pores, skin diseases like athlete’s foot and Intertrigo, and for women, wearing underwear while you sleep traps bacteria and yeast. So when you take it off, you allow your skin to cleanse, and you lessen your chances of yeast infections.

2. Sleeping Naked Decreases Stress Level and Boosts Intimacy:
Cuddling with your partner is soothing. You feel safe, secure, and connected. And skin-on-skin contact adds an extra level of intimacy, which studies have found can de-stress you even more by lowering blood pressure and relaxing you. Furthermore, a 2014 survey on married couples discovered that people who slept naked were more satisfied in their relationships.

3. Sleeping Naked Prevents Excess Belly Fat:
When you naturally allow your body to cool down at night, you lower your levels of cortisol. Not getting enough sleep, on the other hand, increases your body’s levels of this hormone, leading to comfort food cravings which contribute to belly fat. This can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but by sleeping sans clothing, you work to lower your body temperature, which in turn, promotes a better night’s rest.

4. Sleeping Naked Boosts Self-Esteem, Confidence and Acceptance
The more naked you are, the more comfortable you feel in your skin. When you’re comfortable, you’re accepting of yourself, making your confidence shine. This can, in turn, draw people to your positive aura, making way for deeper connections.

5. Sleeping Naked Makes You Sleep Better
Wearing pajamas and sliding under blankets for the night raises your body temperature, which makes it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, since the body needs a cool environment to reach a deep sleep. One study even found that the regulation of body temperature in bed proved to help particip@nts sleep for longer periods of time.

6. Sleeping Naked Makes You Have a Better Blood Flow:
From elastic bands around your waist to tight shirts hugging your chest and arms, clothes undoubtedly cut off your circulation. So it equates that when you’re naked, your blood is able to flow much more freely throughout your body. When your circulation is optimum, you allow your heart, muscles, and arteries to thrive, as oxygen-rich blood infiltrates them.

7. Sleeping Naked Helps You Burn Calories:
Sleeping naked helps the body stay cool though the night which has been found to increase metabolism and help burn calories.

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