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[Story] Life as a corper (Episode 51 – 100)



[Story] Life as a corper (Episode 51 – 100)

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The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted. whenever you copy any of our stories to ur friends on whatapp, aways tag it with our website name.

Read as Val finally graduates from the university and steps up his wild life with more dangerous Adventures… If you miss the previous episodes, get them Here

Episode 51

“i’m fine dear, i just remembered something” i replied casually. She shrugged, breathed deeply and continued with her meal without asking any other question.

She quickily went to bed after dinner, leaving me all alone in the sitting room, to continue with my thoughts which kept me awake till 9:39pm when i was brought back to reality by my phone which rang and vibrated with its loud ring tone. It was Elinor calling.

“xup dear, you didn’t even call to tell me that you have gotten home safely?” she asked,

“i’m very sorry sha, it’s just that i was carried away by other things” i replied calmly,

“hmmm okay think about what we discussed very well, i will call to know your answer tomorrow morning, good night” she muttered,

“alright good night” i replied and yawned.

I instantly dialed frank’s phone number after she hung up, but he failed to answer. I gave up unhappily after dialling his number four times, and quietly left for the other room where i instantly fell asleep.


I jolted from sleep when my phone rang around 6am. I murmured unhappily and answered my phone. It was Frank calling,

“i thought you have forgotten about me eeh? And when you finally decided to call, you called during my night shift eeh, wetin i do you?” he asked in his usual playful manner. I smiled, apologized and narrated my story to him. He kept calm and listened with interest.

“mehn you don hit jackpot choi, i never knew this sort of thing really happens, bro i dey come Abuja this weekend, no dulling” he poured out jokingly, when i was done with my story,

“guy be serious nah” i begged,

“nawao i’m Frank and you are Val, we are not the same, i think you should ask yourself whether you want to play the game or not, as for me, you already know sey i go do am without thinking, but i know you don’t have that kind of morale” he muttered seriously,

“guy you are just speaking in parables, just advice me please” i murmured unhappily,

“val the decision is yours to make, i can’t tell you to go on with it or not, but just know that accepting it means you are ready to graduate from playing local league into playing champions league and i doubt if you can play such game, maybe that’s why they picked you because they probably have seen that you can be manipulated easily, anyway don’t mind me ooo, just be careful in anything you do, life is all about taking risks” he concluded, leaving me in greater confusion.

I had expected him to either encourage or discourage me, but to my dismay he preferred to sit on the fence and speak in riddles. .

Just that moment my phone began beeping, i checked it and saw Elinor’s number in
“call waiting”……

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Episode 52

“guy she’s even calling me right now” i said to frank who just laughed,

“hehehehe good luck bro, i go hear from you later abeg” he replied and hung up. I breathed deeply, swallowed hard and accepted Elinor’s call.

“so how far dear” she greeted,

“very cool, even though i laid awake all through the night thinking over that stuff” i replied,

“hmmmm really! Hope you have finally reached a conclusion?” she asked,

“yea and i don’t know how it may sound, but i don’t think i can go on with it, it’s very risky, i’m sorry” i murmured. She just kept quiet for a while as if her own end of the line was dead, leaving me a bit confused and lost.

I quietly checked my phone but the ‘call timer’ was still reading.

“hello!, hello!, are you there?” i asked, but the response i got was just a beep which notified me that our discussion has ended. Either she hung up unhappily or network did it for us, i really can’t tell.

I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but sleep eluded me,

“why did you chicken out like a baby, why do you easily get scared, you are a man and not a woman” the dark part of my mind queried, forcing more thoughts into my head.


Adaora walked into the room, sat beside me and rested her right hand on my chest,

“good morning dear, how was your night?” she asked sweetly,

“very fine and yours?” i replied,

“cool, but i don’t understand why you no longer like sleeping beside me” she complained. I smiled, caressed her face for a while, before sitting up,

“we still have more years to spend together, so what’s the need rushing it ma petite?” i asked.

“it’s true dear” she breathed deeply and smiled,

“you are very beautiful honey” i added sweetly, she blushed and looked away.

“baby i had a very terrible dream about you last night, it really got me scared that i prayed before being able to sleep again, i can’t start describing what i saw, but please do be careful in all you do. I really wasn’t myself when mum told me about how you confronted a villager the other week, do you think the man is up to something evil?” she asked with fear in her eyes. I smiled reassuringly and hugged quietly, even though her story added a little fear to my already troubled mind.

“dreams are just figments of our imaginations and fears playing back in our head as we rest, you shouldn’t worry about it okay” i calmly explained,

“alright dear, let me go and prepare breakfast, and also dress up for work” she murmured, pecked me and left the room. I quickly rushed to the bathroom, brushed, showered, and returned to my room where three missed calls were waiting on my phone. It was Elinor once again.

My phone rang as i was still staring at it, i looked around with guilt, quickly locked the door and answered it,

“you are breaking my heart hope you know?” Elinor asked over the phone,

“how lino? Please try and understand” i murmured weakly,

“i don’t really see any risk in what i’m asking you for, anyway let’s meet at the usual place by 12noon, please keep to time and don’t disappoint me” she ordered and hung up.

I wearily fell on my bed deeply confused and frightened,

“why is she still insisting?” i wondered cluelessly,

“is Adaora’s dream kind of related to all these?” i asked myself with fright,

“should i honour her invitation or simply ignore it for good?”


Episode 53

Adaora left the house after breakfast leaving me to focus on my thoughts which kept me company till 11:30AM when Elinor called me again{on phone}

“hey val, hope you will still show up by 12?” she asked,

“yep” i answered,

“okay i will be waiting dear, i just wanted to confirm” she murmured and hung up. I breathed deeply, rubbed my face with my palms and wondered if i was doing the right thing by honouring her invitation. I really wanted to use the opportunity to explain my decision to her, because i felt a little bit guilty due to her wine and food i ate.


I was about walking into the restaurant when my phone rang, it was Elinor calling,

“hey dear i’m not inside the restaurant, just look around, you will see my car” she said calmly. I instantly looked around, spotted her small red coloured Audi and walked towards it.

“thank’s for coming” she greeted with a smile when i entered her car. I forced out a smile and stared back at her with a fast pounding heart.

“i’m very sorry about my decision, please don’t take it as if i’m being ungrateful or rude” i tried to explain, but she instantly placed her left second finger on my lips and smiled seductively,

“you don’t need to apologize, i truly understand, your response also shows how responsible and good mannered you are. I wasn’t even expecting you to buy my idea without first meeting the lady in question, and i bet you will change your mind once you meet her” she replied sweetly, while i swallowed hard and cursed inwardly,

“d–n she clearly misunderstood my decision, it now seems like there isn’t any other way out of this apart from ignoring her from now onwards” i thoughtfully reasoned.

She licked her lips and floored the accelerator jerking the car into the road. I stared at her suspiciously. She tapped my left shoulder and winked at me,

“i’m taking you to meet her” she murmured with a smile. I looked away and bit my lips, “d–n” i cursed again.

She stopped at Mr Biggs just within the same crescent, killed the car engine and stared pointedly at me,

“just compose yourself and be a gentleman, bring out your confidence and carry yourself with an air of superiority okay?” she advised and tapped my cheek. I silently nodded.

She winked and alighted from her car. Together we walked into the joint.

She cleverly led me to a table where an elegantly dressed slim lady wearing a dark sunglass was sitting quietly. The lady instantly looked up when she noticed us approaching, took off her sunglass and smiled sweetly.

She really was good looking just like Elinor described, her head exquisite and graceful, her dressing simple but lovely, her dark clustering hair drawn back from the brow.
She looked much more attractive than her picture i saw the previous day.

Graceful and dignified, she appeared so perfect in the grandeur ofher own loveliness, just like a pomegranate blossom glowing in thick coils.

I really couldn’t help wondering what a sophisticated lady like her would be needing me for, because she very much looked like an actress who probaby has thousands of male admirers breathing down her neck, coupled with wealth which made her toilette look spectacular….

“hmmm ABUJA”

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Episode 54

“i’m so glad to meet you, my name is Tessy” she said to me with a smile as we settled down beside her,

“me too, Elinor really couldn’t stop praising you” i replied sweetly,

“serious!” she exclaimed, folded her hands and stared at Elinor, who just smiled and watched us quietly,

“just a moment please, excuse me” she said with a cute smile, stood up and left us graceful. I stared at her backside longer than required without knowing Elinor’s eyes were on me.

“i see you like her” she murmured with a smile,

“so just play along and allow me to coach you, i know you ain’t used to this kind of stuff, but don’t worry you are doing great. we stand to benefit alot from this, hope you saw how she was staring at you? she has a very soft spot for young guys, anyway she’s also a very nice person and worth millions” she added and winked at me,

“but you know i havn’t yet accepted?” i asked nervously, she just scoffed and rolled her eyes,

“cm’on dear don’t be a pu.ssy, let’s do this deal together, can’t you see it’s already going smoothly” she cajoled, but i couldn’t reply her because Tessy returned to her chair that moment, with a waiter who brought fruit juice, rice chips and chicken for us.

They {Tessy and Elinor} kept exchanging glances as they discussed with their eyes {all through the course of the meal}. I pretended not to notice them and focused my mind on my thoughts,

“no wonder Elinor is very anxious for this to work, it’s all about the money, this is definetly getting more dangerous” i reasoned, “yea Frank is very right, Elinor thinks she can use my soft nature to manipulate and cut herself a deal” i noted calmly.

“val i’ll call you later, i’m off to my office, dear Tessy please take good care of him, he’s very delicate abeg” Elinor said and støod up without warning, while Tessy smiled and nodded with understanding,

“sure dear, i won’t harm your boy” she replied. I instantly gasped with food in my mouth unable to mutter anything, looking very foolish like a christmas goat….

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Episode 55

hope you ain’t uncomfortable?” Tessy asked curiously, while i faked a smile and shook my head,

“not in any way” i replied, regained my composure and continued eating,

” so what really did Elinor tell you about me?” she asked, as she effortlessly tried to start up a conversation,

“lots of good stuff, especially how beautiful, friendly, reserved and young you are” i replied,

“so did i meet up with all of them?” she asked,

“yep, and i can’t imagine how you do manage to keep guys away” i answered calmly,

“i like you very much, you speak well like someone from a nice family, tell me about your people” she asked curiously. I swallowed hard and looked away. The last thing i wanted to do that moment was to tell her about my family. I breathed deeply, stared at her with a smile and quickly created a story in my mind.

Luckily my phone rang before i was able to pour out the bunch of lies i made up. My heart leapt when i saw it was Adaora calling,

“oga where you dey nau? The door is locked and i can’t get into the house” she muttered, while i bit my lips and glanced at my watch; 1:30PM it read,

“d–n” i cursed quietly. Tessy’s eyes glued on me as if she was reading my mood,

“i rushed out to see a friend, i’m already on my way back, please just give me five minutes” i begged,

“okay” she murmured sadly. I heaved a sigh and returned Tessy’s look,

“so what’s up?” she asked,

“the person i’m staying with just returned from work and i left with the house keys” i explained. She bit her lips and shook her head sadly,

“cm’on dear there are still many more days ahead” i quietly said to her,

“there isn’t any need crying over split milk, let me have your phone number” she murmured and shrugged. I smiled collected her phone and entered it.

“can we meet tonight?” she asked,

“no i hardly go out at night, i was raised that way, i think tomorrow will be alright” i replied, while she stared at me with disbelief,

“i really havn’t met a young guy who hates going out at night, you are really different and i admire you more for that” she flattered while i blushed,

“please i wish to start going” i murmured and stood up,

“i can drop you at your place” she offered. I instantly shook my head and winked at her,

“thanks dear don’t bother” i replied and hurriedly left the restaurant without waiting for her reply.
I really can’t imagine what Adaora’s reaction will be if she catches her dropping me…

I returned home 20minutes later, to meet a very furious Adaora waiting for me. I needed no one to tell me what will happen next.

Hmmmm but it was all my fault because i left my young bethrothed to go after older ladies which really is a big taboo. I smiled, crossed my fingers and waited for her reaction with guilt…..

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