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[Story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl (complete Season 5)


Adebimpe the facebook girl


[Story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl (complete Season 5)

The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Onihaxy. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

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Written by Onihaxy


ME: segun, those options you gave me are all difficult. I believe in you that you can help me out of this web, and you know you are my last hope.

SEGE: alright, give me little time, let me think of a better solution, I will get back to you later.

ME: make it sooner my brother.

SEGE: you no well, na me say make you dey love person wey you supposed hate with passion?

ME: no be so jaree.

SEGE: that reminds me, what about the thing you said you wanted to discuss with me?

ME: ** pretended ** what was that?

SEGE: about one property or something you said you still have with bimpe.

ME: muted for a while ooooops. I will discuss it with you later.

SEGE: why not now?, this is the third time you have shifted this topic.

ME: nothing serious jaree. I’m still observing something at the moment. When I’m through with my research and observations, I will let you know.

SEGE: no problem, chat later bro.

ME: alright.

I sat on my bed and reminisced for a while before sleeping. Throughout the weekend, I had fun chatting with betty and also, bimpe never ceased to initiate romantic chats with me, she will tell me how she missed me, how she also think about me and the likes..
on monday. I woke up early, I took my bath, I wore my already ironed cloths, I took my credentials and went straight to the bank. I located the branch and arrived there at 7:08am, I walked inside the building and met similar faces I saw the day I went for my offer letter. I joined them and we were all told to go into a room. I counted the new staffs present and we are about 38 in number.
A man came inside, he introduced himself as the assistant project coordinator and he asked everyone to show his/her offer letters which we all did, after then, he obtained our names on a piece of paper and he left the room.
During this period, I was busy chatting with betty and updating her about the happenings in the bank. At 10am, the man came back and divided us into 3 groups and he gave us a manual to read. He set up a projector and a slide and he told us we would be trained on our job roles that monday and throughout the week. Everyone got a chair to seat on, people who knew one another were socialising while I was just looking at people because I have no one to relate with.
At about 11am, the training/seminar was about to commence. The assistant project coordinator picked his phone and called someone on his phone. Like two minutes later, the door was opened and a sound of “ko ka ko ka ko ka” began to emanate from the door, I turned around long with the other new staffs to look at who was playing beats with the heels of her shoe, behold, it was a moderately slim woman, she has a moderately big burst, a nicely curved hips, I micro gown revealing her laps and she has a nice cat-walk steps. She walked pass me and I could see her nicely “shooted” a#s which was well packaged in her mini gown. From my view, this lady/woman should be 35years of age in maximum. She greeted us and walked to the front of the podium and stood beside the assistant project coordinator, they both whispered to each other for like 2 minutes and after then, the assistant project coordinator introduced her saying “Hi everybody, this is my boss, she is funmilayo and she is the line manager of this Unit.

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Episode 2.

“Good afternoon ma” we all echoed. She replied us and said ” thank your stars that you guys are new staffs here, otherwise, I will just deduct 1,000 naira each from your salaries for addressing me as “MA”, we all looked in amazement. She continued and said “yes, don’t be surprised. In this bank, we call one another by names, we are all colleagues. If you aren’t comfortable calling your superior by name, you can simply add MR or MRS or Miss as a prefix to his/her name. Is that understood?” We all replied by saying “yes”.
A team-lead and a sub team-lead was assigned to every team before the commencement of the training. We were told that we will be reporting to the sub team-lead, the sub team-lead will report to the team-lead, the team lead will report to the project/assistant project supervisor and from the supervisor to funmilayo the line manager. The training of the first day lasted till about 6pm and I was so tired. At the closure of that day, I switched on my phone and got chat messages from bimpe saying “onihaxy dear, how was the first day at your new work?”. I was surprised on how she got to know about my new job. I replied her to let us chat when I reach home. She replied me that she won’t be able to chat with me because she would be at home with henry. I was so happy and we ended the chat.

The second day, we resumed our trainings and continued till thursday that week, at every breaks, I would always chat with betty and segun, giving them updates on my new job. Bimpe too would always disturb me with messages and I would be forced to reply her after numerous “HIl” In the evening after work, bimpe called my phone.

BIMPE: hello onihaxy

ME: hi bimpe,

BIMPE: onihaxy, what is my offence?

ME: offence?, you didn’t offend me.

BIMPE : why have you been avoiding me of recent?

ME: avoid you as how?

BIMPE: you don’t reply my chats again like before. You don’t even bother to call me, its unfair onihaxy.

ME: adebimpe, its not like that, you know I work in a corporate environment, phones are restricted except during breaks which is an hour break, and at nights when I’m free, you will be with your husband.

BIMPE: ok dear, did you miss me?

ME: ****silent****

BIMPE: onihaxy!!!!, I missed you if you don’t miss me and that’s the truth, onihaxy, we need to see and talk.

ME: see and talk?, that will be impossible.

BIMPE: oooh onihaxy, why?

ME: just taking security measures

BIMPE: as how?

ME: the last time we met one on one, I swallowed a kolanut drink.

BIMPE: onihaxy dear. Please now, shebi I have begged and begged you. I did that just to protect you. I wish you can understand me.

ME: I hear.

BIMPE: onihaxy, please, I’m begging you, I need to see you.

ME: let me check my schedule.

BIMPE: are you coming to lekki this weekend?

ME: no.

BIMPE: because you are avoiding me right?

ME: not at all, becky and I never discussed about meeting this weekend.

BIMPE: ok dear. So how do we see?

ME: let me decide first.

BIMPE: which side of mushin do you stay sef?

ME: empire area.

BIMPE: ok, which side is your workplace located?

ME: around oshodi.

BIMPE: ok, I will close early tomorrow, I will come to pick you at work and drive you home. How about that?

ME: hmmmmmmmm. No problem.

BIMPE: thanks darling, love you so much

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmmm

BIMPE: onihaxy, just try to be romantic for once now. Common!, this is unfair.

ME: ok, love you too

BIMPE: alright dear, we will talk tomorrow, bye.

***wetin she wan see me for sef?, why is she suddenly developing strange love of recent?, hmmm. onihaxy!!!!!!, na you see wahala, na you dey take hand pull am****


The next morning which was friday, our trainings ended early at 10am and we were placed in different offices in groups. There are two vacant office space provided for us and they were filled up by the first two teams, my team was stranded and couldn’t get a space. The project coordinator looked around the bank premises for where to place us but couldn’t find any free room with available computer systems to place us, we were then shared and squeezed inside the existing two rooms to join the other team but still can’t accommodate us all, it left five of us stranded of which I was included. The five of us were placed in different floors where the “ogas” offices are located. Each of us was attached to different bosses. And lucky me, I found myself at the entrance of funmilayo’s door.
At 12pm, I received a chat message from bimpe asking me of when she should be coming, I felt so uncomfortable and restless, I wasn’t sure of the decision to take so I called segun to let us chat online.

ME: sege how you dey?

SEGE: I dey jaree, anything for the boiz?

ME: nothing jaree, I get small problem.

SEGE: Adebimpe matter again abi?

ME: yes.

SEGE: yeah, I know, I thought as much, and what is it again this time?

ME: she called me just now that she wanted to visit me at work and drive me home

SEGE: and what was your response?

ME: I said “ok, I will call you back” to her


ME: what is that?

SEGE: onihaxy, you dey craze. Seriously, you don dey mad.

ME: haaaa

SEGE: yes, you dey craze, I was expecting you to tell me that you shouted on her or threatened her or even slapped her on phone. Why all this rubbish now?

ME: segun, have I done anything wrong by telling her that I will call her back?

SEGE: yes, that response simply showed that you have been aanticipating to see her yourself.

ME: no now.

SEGE: yes now. Just use your brain for once now. Don’t you know that if she eventually knows where you work and where you live, she would just be coming un-announced anyhow as she like?, and don’t you think she and betty can jam each other one day?. See onihaxy, I’m expecting you to stay away from this girl completely, not this secret hangouts you guys are planning.

ME: its not like that segun, I’m thinking betty might ask questions and wanted to find out why I distanced myself from her family and this might arouse suspicion in her.

SEGE: yes I known but it is safer than this one you are doing, you won’t like yourself when you are caught and the entire bubble burst. You know what onihaxy?

ME: what is that?

SEGE: you are my friend, I know you still have some stupid feelings for this girl for some foolish reasons best known to you which you and I can’t dispute, but for her to suddenly start loving you up of recent despite been married to a rich dude, having a daughter, working in a “tushed” hospital, and even aware that you are dating her husband’s sister, then its either both of you have something in secret which I’m not aware of, or she is planning a trap to implicated you before betty and her family.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: yes. I’m not so sure of the latter, but I’m very sure and certain of the former. So whatever things or secret you guys both had together, just deal it once and for all and be very careful.

ME: yes boss, so concerning her call, what do I do now?

SEGE: I can’t decide for you. You are a man. From all I have said, just decide what to do for yourself. Let’s change topic abeg

ME: ok ooooo. That reminds me

SEGE: what?

ME: there is this boss that I’m been attached to work with.

SEGE: and what about her?

ME: she has a nice b0*bs and booty with a killer curve, the smiles alone can make one dream of fantasies, I think I like her

SEGE: ehn ehn!!!!, now you are talking, this is what you should have discussed earlier instead of one stupid bimpe matter. God knows I hate that girl with passion. Are u planning to dump betty for your boss?

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmmm, no ooo, just wanted an office romance. Strictly official

SEGE: whatever, so as we are saying, let me give you proper lecture on “introduction to hooking and devouring your female boss”


After ending my chat with segun, I sat down thinking about all what segun said to me on phone, I made up my mind that I was going to face bimpe once and for all. I picked up my phone and called her.

ME: frowned hello bimpe

BIMPE: s#xy romantic voice hello sweetheart, how are you?

ME: I’m ok.

BIMPE: what time should I come?

ME: I don’t think we can see again.

BIMPE: haaaaa onihaxy, but why?

ME: there is a new development. I just got a message to come for a test in ibadan by 7am tomorrow, so I will be travelling today from work.

BIMPE: haaa, onihaxy, please I need to see you today, its very urgent.

ME: but I’m travelling

BIMPE: ok, let me just see you before you travel please,

ME: can’t we discuss it on phone?

BIMPE: no, we can’t.

ME: ok, I will close by 5pm, let’s see at the gate of my office.

BIMPE: no problem dear. Please text the address details to me.

ME: ok no problem, end the call

I ended the call, text the address to bimpe and resumed my activities at work, trying to adapt to my new space in front of funmilayo’s office, and also trying to meet up with my daily target. By 4pm, I was so tired and exhausted that I even forgot that I was expecting a guest. At 4:40pm, I got a call from bimpe that she was around and that she parked outside the bank. I sat on my seat and rehearsed how I will talk to her and also frown at her. I excused myself and went outside to meet bimpe with a frown on my face, on getting to the compound, I didn’t see her car, I stood at a spot to call her and she told me she came with an Hyundai ix35 parked outside the gate. I looked forward and I saw her waving at me through the door. I ended the call, walked towards her and opened the side door of the jeep and sat down.

BiMPE: hi onihaxy, how is work going?

ME: **frowned*** fine

BIMPE: but why is your mood like this?, stressful day at work I guess.

ME: ***still frowned ***maybe. So why do you want to see me?

BiMPE: onihaxy calm down now, aren’t you happy to see me first?

ME: that is not what I asked you ma. Just answer my question.

BIMPE: ok wait onihaxy, why are you so harsh on me of recent? Are you still playing revenge games on me?. Shebi we have agreed put an end to the fight between us. So why are you still avoiding me dear?

ME: bimpe!!!!!!,

BIMPE: ssssshhh!!!, atleast smile at your baby now ehn

ME: **faked a smile***, ehm bimpe!!

BIMPE: that’s better, yes dear

ME: first, I want to let you realize that I’m not fighting with you anymore, neither am I still playing games with you.

BiMPE: so why have you been avoiding me and also been harsh on me?

ME: I’m avoiding you because I wanted to concentrate on my relationship and you have been acting as a distraction.

BiMPE:*sad face haaa onihaxy, its so unfair oo, you know I have always supported your affairs with betty right from the day we ended our fight.

ME: yeah I know, but your attitude of recent is tearing me apart.

BimPE: onihaxy, please understand me, I’m not trying to come between you and betty. I just don’t know what is wrong with me of recent, I just find myself singing your name, dreaming of you and thinking of you.

ME: but you are married to a rich dude, you have a daughter, a good job and fleets of car in your compound. What else do you want from a poor boy like me?.

BiMPE: sobbing don’t underestimate the power of love. You and I know that I have always loved you, despite the ups and down between us in the past, our path still keep crossing. To crown it all, I have a beautiful daughter for you whom I carried in my belly for good 10 months, so tell me how will the love of her father vanishes just like that in my heart?. Belive me onihaxy, my feelings for you are real **continued sobbing***

ME: **held her hands and wiped her tears*** ok bimpe, its ok, I understand you. But at this point, let’s make things clear to each other, I have handed over betty to you and henry forever, you even sealed my lips with a oath, and now I’m inlove with your husband’s sister and I’m planning to settle down with her. Please bimpe, I’m begging you for heaven’s sake, let’s just kill whatever feelings we have for each other and let’s concentrate on our spouses. Please I know you can do this, you have hated me and haunted me in the past, you can still do it again please.

BIMPE: ok dear, if that is what will make you happy, I will try my best to control my feelings, all I wanted is your happiness, but on one condition.

ME: what is that?

BIMPE: you will not avoid me again and you won’t be harsh on me again. I do shed tears most times you act cold towards me.

ME: is that all?

BIMPE: yes

ME: ok, I will try.

BiMPE: that’s my baby. But wait onihaxy, be sincere please, swear to God that you don’t have any feelings for me again

ME: let me tell you the truth, I like you, that’s why I’m still around you, but I’m trying to concentrate on my spouse, that was why I have been avoiding you.

BIMPE: please don’t avoid me again dear.

ME: I heard you.

BIMPE: alright, so where do you live and how are you coping?

ME: I’m squatting with a cousin for now in mushin, though we are like 5 in the room because 3 of his friends are living with us.

BIMPE: are you comfortable with the place?

ME: not at all, but I don’t have any choice for now, I will manage till I get my own apartment.

BIMPE: that will be nice, which area are you getting the apartment

ME: somewhere around ilupeju or obanikoro or maryland.

BIMPE: its ok.

ME: thanks dear. So, what did you say you wanted to tell me?

BIMPE: hmmmmm, its about your wife betty

ME: scared betty?

BIMPE: yes

ME: what happened to her?

BIMPE: I have wanted to tell you before from the start, but I know you won’t listen, that was why I didn’t bother, although the matter was minimised for sometimes now, but I think it had been resurrected again.

ME: bimpe, you are still scaring me please, tell me what happened to my betty.

BIMPE: ok, her father had a plan of marrying her to his rich friend’s son in Abuja. Although betty was against it at first and that was why she ran away from abuja to lagos, but of recent, betty and the guy has been exchanging romantic call and making some plans. So that’s why I’m here to inform you to act fast before you loose your wife.

ME: bimpe, this is a lie, betty can’t do something of such. are you sure of what you are saying?

BIMPE: onihaxy, you don’t have to doubt me. Ok, when you see her, ask her why she isn’t working at the moment, and also pressurise her to introduce you to her father. From there, you will get more revelations. But please, don’t let her know that you heard it from me please!!!!!!, I beg of you.

ME: **screamed*** what!!!!!!!!!!!


I got home that evening, I was so restless and uncomfortable, I began to walk to and fro inside the room and flashing back to all what bimpe said in her car.
“Can this be true?”
“Should I believe bimpe?”
“Or is bimpe pulling another stunt?”
” Is bimpe trying to cause trouble?”
“Can betty really do something of such?”
“But she has been so nice to me”
“But can she really dump me?”
I thought over and over about everything and couldn’t figure out how to approach and handle the situation on my own. I picked my phone and called segun to update him about what I heard from bimpe. He said he was suspecting that bimpe wanted to cause trouble between betty and I but he said I should try and see betty and try to find out from her in a way that she wouldn’t suspect me of hearing informations about her. He gave me some steps to follow and put me through on how to handle the situation. After eating dinner at night, I picked my phone and called betty.

ME: hi dear

BETTY: my love, how are you and how is work today?

ME: fine but stressful.

BETTY: eyah sowie, first week at work is always stressful, you know, trying to adapt to the environment, and so on…..I have really missed you honey.

ME: confused. Isn’t it the same girl I was told negative things about? same here honey. I can’t wait to see you too. Can we see this weekend?

BETTY: hmmmmm, I don’t think so

ME: why dear?

BETTY: I will be visiting a sister in ikorodu tomorrow for her daughter’s wedding, I won’t return until sunday night.

ME: really?, and you didn’t tell me all this while?.

BETTY: onihaxy, I told you in my room the last time we met that I will be going somewhere this weekend.

ME: okay, I remembered, so how about next weekend?

BETTY: next weekend?, its likely I travel on or before then.

ME: travel?, to where?

BETTY: daddy just called me this afternoon that he wanted to see me this weekend and its very urgent.

ME: and you didn’t bother to tell me?

BETTY: I’m sorry dear. I had it in mind to call you tonight and inform you,

ME: okay, hope its not something serious sha?

BETTY: not sure jaree. Even me sef, I don’t know why he sent for me urgently, I will be boarding same flight with henry when he is leaving for abuja.

ME: so when are you returning?

BETTY: can’t say or predict sha, but I will spend atleast a week.

ME: haa, its long ooo, I will miss you so much, how will I cope without having you around me?

BETTY: I’m missing you already, I just have no choice than to honour his call, I will be back soon honey.

ME: dear, but I need to see you before you travel dear.

BETTY: really?, how do we see since you will be busy during the week?

ME: I don’t know ooo.

BETTY: ok dear, can it wait till I’m back?

ME: confused ok dear, no problem, when am I meeting your dad?

BETTY: you will definitely meet him but not now.

ME: but why dear?

BETTY: I haven’t told him anything about you yet, let me do that first when I get to abuja, after that, I can now do the introduction.

ME: still confused ok dear, no problem.

We continued talking for about 5 minutes more before I ended the call.
I was still in the room and confused and moments later, I got a chat message from bimpe.

BIMPE: hi dear,

ME: hi bimpe, how are you?

BIMPE: I’m good. Have you found out that thing from your wife?

ME: not yet, I intended seeing her tomorrow but she said she would be going for a wedding. And also, she said she would be travelling to abuja to visit her father.

BIMPE: hahahahahahahha.

ME: why the laughter now?,

BIMPE: should I tell you the truth?

ME: what?

BIMPE: she is travelling to meet that guy I told you about, not her dad, remember I told you they have been exchanging romantic calls and also making plans.

ME: what??????????????.

More at my9jarocks.info

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