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[story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl (complete Season 1)


Adebimpe the facebook girl


[story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl (complete Season 1)
The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Onihaxy. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

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Written By Onihaxy

[story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl (complete Season 1)
The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Onihaxy. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

whenever you copy any of our stories to ur friends on whatapp, aways tag it with our website name.

Written By Onihaxy

Early february. I met adebimpe on facebook as
a mutual friend to
one of my friends. One thing led to another, we
started chatting
on BBM and early march, we started E-dating.
3weeks ago, we
discussed on how we will see facially and she
suggested to
travel down to meet me in akure if only I can
send T.fare.
Adebimpe is a student of uniport so she fully
based in PHC.
I was so happy that I started day dreaming
how the visitation will
look like, the romance, fun, love-making etc. .
On the 14th of
april, I sent 10k into her account as Tfare. She
called me to tell
me she got the money. And the travelling
The D-day came. I have cleaned up my room,
bought foodstuffs,
bought a new pack of CD., wen she dropped at
akure garage, I
told her to pick a bike to my house address
which she did, she
got to my house at around 5pm. I ushered her
in, gave her soft
drinks and we were chating. Wen it was 6pm,
she shocked me by
telling me she has a cousin here in akure and
that’s where she
will be staying throughout her 3days of stay
and dat I shd visit
her at her cousin’s place the following day. I
was so sad but I
didn’t show it, I faked a smile and walk her off
to take bike.
I come dey reason am say “se na like dis my
10k go waste?”.
The next day, I didn’t go to visit her and I lied
that I was sick with
the mindset that she will come to my place
instead. But na lie,
all she could do was to call me and ask after
my health.
That nite, I couldn’t sleep. I was just
wondering how silly I am. I
just put my fone in silence and forcefully slept
As I woke up around 6am in the morning, I
picked my fone and I
saw a text from adebimpe. Which says “baby
u knw I will be
leaving today, wat time should I come to visit
u so as to get my
return Tfare”. Chaiii, na so my head spark.

Just while I was wondering about my
stupidity, my memory
started flashing back to the how we
After sending her a friend request on facebook
which she
accepted. We chat about academics, life in
general. As time goes
on, we were so fond of each other that we
confided in each other.
She told me about her relationship that just
ended with mike due
to emotional and physical abuse. She told me
how mike didn’t
love her, how he violently demand for s#x, how
he always
demanded for ana.l s#x which she always
rejected not until one
day when mike drugged her drink and she was
while mike had his way through her bombom.
I felt so sorry for
her that I always keep her company on chats.
We do exchange
pictures, voicenotes and videos. The feelings
was developing
gradually until the day I asked her out…
It took her up to 2weeks to give a yes answer,
after giving me a
yes, we started the E-dating proper.
Its was fun all through because we chat
almost every minutes, I
will always call her time to time which she
don’t always return
but I never mind. As at march, our intimacy
grew to the extent
that we engage in dirty chats. Chaii, adebimpe
is a guru at it.
She will always tell me about her s#xcapades
with her ex, how
she gives Mouth Gig and swallows the cum.
How she do perform
56 styles. Infact, every nite, I do make sure my
fone is charged
so as to enjoy each nite moment of s#xchat,
after chat, she will
call me in the midnite for phones#x. One nite
during our normal
chat, we were like
Bimpe: baby, I’m getting wet to much dis
days, each time I feel
like having you in me
Me: the feelings is mutual baby, same thing
Bimpe: pls can u do me an urgent favour?
Me: what favour is that dear?
Bimpe:. Pls send pics of your erected D##k to
Me: suprised. Waoo, but on one condition,
Bimpe:. What’s the condition?
Me: u will send ur own nudes to me
Bimpe:. Don’t worry dear, just be patient till
we meet, I will give
you a surprise package you will always
remember for the rest of
your life
Me:, really?, tell me about it
Bimpe:. You know what?. I will suck you while
you will cum 3
times in my mouth and I will swallow. I will
give u the best
d####e u have ever experienced and atleast 30
out of my 56 s#x
Me: chai my D##k responded to the signal I
can’t wait for that
The chat ended with a nice phones#x till I
slept of and I had this
nasty dream of me and adebimpe…………….
I woke up from my “day-dreaming” and begin
to wonder what
actually happened. I began to compare the
bimpe who is always
nasty on chats and always look forward to us
been together with
the bimbe who barely spend 1 hour with me
only to tell me she is
going to stay over at her cousin’s place whom
she didn’t tell me
about earlier.
while I was still imagining. My phone rang
and I tried checking
who is on the line, it was bimpe. I didn’t pick
the calls cos I was
so mad at mysef, considering the 3bottles of
alomo I have
bought, the preparations and the likes. I
ignore more of her calls.
I decided to open my operamini and browse
my facebook to
while away time. As the facebook homepage
page opened. On
the username, I saw her email filled in it, and
on the password. I
saw 8 dots just as normal password code.
Immediately I got a
flash back that when she came to my house
on day 1, she asked
for my fone to use because her blackberry
battery was flat. I
remembered she logged out before returning
the fone to me. So
as I was wondering whay could have
happened, I then recollect
that a notification that says “do you want
opera to keep your
password for this page?” Usually comes up,
then I assumed she
must have selected YES.
I gladly logged in into her account and browse
through her
To my surprise, bimpe does the same flirt chat
she did to me
with like 4 other guys. The one that shocked
me most was a guy
on her message named “swordman”. The guy
also lives in akure
according to their chats. She also told the guy
that she wish to
come to akure to visit her, but the guy said in
the chat that he
didn’t have money to finance the transport of
which bimpe replied
that “don’t worry, I will sort out myself”. On
seeing this, my head
rang a bell. I felt an headache instantly. I took
my time to read
through all their conversations and I
discovered that she do
exchange nudes with the guy, they flirt to the
extreme, and they
were also dating. It was then I got the true
image that bimpe is
actually with another guy whom she said its a
cousin. But again I
thought of it that she invited me to come
there yesterday, can
she be with another guy and still invite me?,
The time was now
8:43am. I called bimpe and told her that I
want to visit her at her
cousin’s place and that she should give me
the address. She
replied me that “I’m sorry, u can’t come, I and
my cousin had a
serious misunderstanding yesterday nite and
till this morning.
Infact, we haven’t spoke since last nite till
now, so its not
advisable for you to come” I said ok and then
hanged up.
I said to my self that chaiiii………..onihaxy, you
be first class
Just as I was imagining my “mumurity”, I
don’t know either to
trace the address I found on facebook, or to
set her up, kidnap
her and molest her, so many evil things were
just going through
my mind, then a text message came in from
bimpe which says ”
baby, I am on my way to your place”. Gan
gaun, my head
sparked again, I started rehearsing how I will
shout on her, I was
reasoning if I should show her my discovery or
not. I don’t know
what to do next, I was just restless. Walking
up and down my
room. About 30mins later. I heard the sound
“ko ko ko” on my
door. Who is that was my response to the
knock, and a sweet
voice came from outside saying its me bimpe.
I frowned and open the door. Before I knew it,
she dropped her
luggage, hugged me and then planted a kiss
on my lips. Before I
knew what was happening, I have forgot all

Just after 2mins of her kissing me, she
stopped and went
straight to my kitchen, as she was going, she
said, “baby, I don’t
want to travel empty stomach so as not to
collapse in the bus”.
Chai, wetin I go do?. The rehearsals are gone,
the boldness to
frown at her is gone, I don’t even know if I
should confront her
about her facebook messages, what if I do,
what will be her
reaction?. A lot of thoughts was just running
through my head.
She located my noodles carton and started
cooking while we
started conversation
Me: bimbe, what went wrong between you and
your cousin?
Bimpe:. Don’t mind that my uncle jaree, I told
him that I’m
returning today and that he should give me
money but he refused
saying he doesn’t have money.
Me:thinking in my mind that “so this girl is
expecting me to
pay the return T.fare again?”
. really?, why
will he do that to
his kid sister?
Bimpe:. He said I should wait till wednesday
but I insist that I’m
returning today which is sunday
Me: that’s bad of him oooo. Did u offend him
before now?
Bimpe: no ooooo. He is just a stingy relative.
If not that I
mistakenly spoke with him about coming to
akure to see
someone which Is you, then he insisted that I
must come to his
place, in fact, he called my mum that I am
coming to his place so
there is nothing I can do about it than to
lodge at his place
Me: eeyah. That’s family bond. Family will
always want to be
together. But wait, which area in this akure is
he living?
Bimpe: somewhere around ijoka.
Me : then I remembered the address I saw
in her facebook
chat was exactly ijoka. Sunday bustop to be
Baby, that is just 40mins journey from here
ooo. Won’t I get to
meet my in-law facially?
Bimpe: I told you we aren’t in good terms.
infact, I insulted him
this morning and left there with anger, so its
not ideal for now,
maybe during my next visit.
Me: ok
Bimpe: baby, its 10:20am now and I should
leave around 12pm
so as to get to PHC earlier. So what do u keep
for me. Won’t you
buy provisions, cosmetics and cloth for your
Me: I frowned and said BIMPE! U are very
wicked and a bad
person, infact, I’m not happy with you, I
should tell you this * I
have made up my mind to tell her she is a
cheat, prostitute and a
Bimpe: shocked, she came closer, placed
hand on my head,
takes it down to my chest and plants a kiss
on my mouth. Then
she asked “what’s my offence my husband”
Me: ****with this little kiss and the soft touch
from her palms plus
the seductive way she used the tip of her
b###m to rub my back,
my brain was formatted again**** bimpe, I
was sick since
yesterday which I told u about, u can’t even
ask about my health,
all u can do is to ask for provisions, its unfair
ooooo. dats all
I could utter, I don’t know what sealed my
Immediately, she sat on my laps, rubbed my
head with her
hands, pressed her bosoms on me harder and
said “I’m sorry
baby”. I still wear a frown wondering why I
lost the courage to
confront and rebuke her.
She noticed this and kissed me passionately
this time. Its was
romantic that I enjoyed it. As we were kissing,
my hand locate
her shirt button, I was about to loose it, she
said “stop stop
stop”, the indomie should be burning by now, I
need to go and
check it. She stood up from my laps and went
to the kitchen
leaving me with hard on.
I said to myself again… Chaii onihaxy, u must
be the greatest
fool of the first order………………………..
Just as I sat down sadly on the bed nursing
my hard-on. She
called me from the kitchen to join her in
eating the noodles. I
went to meet her in the kitchen. After finishing
the noodles, I
went back to sit on the bed while she sat at
the other edge of the
BIMPE: baby, I will miss you, if not for my
cousin. I would have
lodge at your place
ME: its no problem.
BIMPE: hope you will also give me something
to give my friends
at school because they will be expecting
ME: ok, dat reminds me. Now that your cousin
refuse to give you
money, how will you get to PHC?
BIMPE: oh baby, I know you won’t watch me
been stranded in
akure. After my cousin, u are the only person I
have here. Pls
help me
ME: but today is sunday and banks doesn’t
open, how do I do it?
BIMPE: ****she suddenly wear a sad face and
started shedding
tears**** pls onihaxy. I beg of you, pls use
your ATM and help
me, I have a test of 4unit course tomorrow
please.******continue with the sad face****
ME: instantly, I felt pity for her, I felt her pain,
I thought of her
test. I just don’t know where the MR nice guy
in me came from. I
replied her that “don’t worry, I will try and get
something from the
Bimpe was so happy that she kissed me
again, this time it was
more romantic and passionate. I locate her
shirt button again.
This time, she didn’t resist, I press on to her
bra, dipped my hand
into it, located her Tips, I was squeezing and
pressing. I traced
my hands down to her abdomen, still doing
the kissing. Just as I
was about unzipping her trouser, she said
“STOP”, I refused but
she removed her mouth and shifted a bit
BIMPE: baby, don’t you think its too early for
us to have s#x?. We
are going to get married and enjoy ourselves
till eternity, why
should we rush?. And besides, this is our first
date dear. Pls
******she wore this innocent girl look*******
I just wore a straight face and refuse to say
anything. She
noticed that I am unhappy. So she came
closer again in kissed
me. She started rubbing my chest, I was happy
thinking she is
ready to play. Just as I was about pressing
her bosoms, she held
my hand and say, “baby, pls hurry to the bank
becos of time, I
will surprise you when you are back
Immediately I heard the word suprise, I
suddenly smile and
became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe,
picked up a shirt.
Picked my ATM card. Just as I was about
stepping out of the
room, her phone was ringing*****

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