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Libido Killers! 7 regular foods you don’t know is bad for your sex life



Food is a requirement to life. If you don’t eat for so long, chances are that you’ll die. It’s not complicated at all. It’s common knowledge that there are foods that can be harmful to your overall health as time goes on especially with examples such as fast food.

And also let’s not forget that some foods are perfectly healthy but the problem is when they’re consumed, what time of the day in comparison to time to bed.

In this article, we will focus on foods that are dangerous for your . Foods that at the end of the day may lead to awful side effects on your sex life that can include low sperm count or even worse impotence while on the other hand, some foods can be great for your sex drive.

Below are some foods that you need to be careful with

1. Sugar

It’s common knowledge that sugar consumption has negative effect on the body.

This is not the first time you’re reading this. Sugar is good but bad as well. Both a gift and a curse. The bad news is that it is harmful to your health, and can be very addictive. Sugar needs insulin for it to be processed, the more insulin produced can lead to low level of testerone. Hence sugar is bad for you.

2. Coffee

The legend of this is also popular, if you’re addicted to coffee, that is really bad for you. Coffee harms your adrenal glands that is in charge of making some stress hormones. When these glands become weak, and cannot function like before, this will have adverse effect on .

3. Mint

I’m sure you’re wondering why mint is bad for your sex life if it’s good for your breath. Here is why it is bad for you. Mints also have menthol, menthol is a negative for your health because it reduces the level of testosterone in the body, which means that instead of , the person enjoys it less.

4. Chocolates

Chocolates can be aphrodisiac and also be bad for you sexually.

This might be the tricky one, because some type of chocolate can be aphrodisiac, which is the dark type of chocolate. Chocolates on the other hand can lower testosterone level in the body which is bad.

5. Canned food

You probably have always thought there is something weird about canned foods, that can be stored for months and can still be eaten even months later. The thing with canned food is that the artificial additives that used in the packaging can result in high blood pressure, that can have bad effect in blood circulation towards the sex organs.

6. Chips

I’m sure you’re wondering how chips can be bad. This is because of the oil they’ve been prepared with. The bad oil is the rancid oil. They’re fried at dangerously high temperature, and can contain a lot of fat. Both high temperature and fat that the chips go through can result in tissue and cell damage that can affect sex hormones regulation.

7. Diet Drinks

Diet drinks are thought to be devoid of sugar, they use artificial sweeteners who are also almost equally bad.

These drinks don’t make use of regular sweeteners but artificial ones that is very bad for the serotonin level in the body, if the level goes low, then there is a drop in libido which is bad.

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