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For Couples: 3 cozy sex positions for chilly nights



  • Snuggly spoon

Spoon-style sex is the perfect pose for cold nights because your bodies are wrapped tightly together, with his front warming up your back, butt, and shoulders, says Tammelleo.

It’s comfortable and lazy, and you can drape a blanket over your bodies to build extra heat. Added bonus: The little spoon gets to feel cozy as she’s cradled by the big spoon. Come for the climax, stay for the snuggle.


  • Lotus blossom

Don’t worry, you and your partner don’t need to be yogis to pull off the lotus position. A cross between cowgirl-style action and a bear hug, lotus begins with your partner sitting cross-legged (or as close to it as is comfortable, if flexibility is an issue).

Then you sit on top of him, guiding his penis inside you and then closing your arms and legs around him.”Lotus is great because again, the whole chest, from the pelvis up, is connected,” explains Tammelleo. That level of skin-on-skin contact will bring you two to a slow boil.


  • Shower power

A winter chill in the bedroom isn’t just a mood killer. “Being cold can make it harder for a man to get an erection, and it might also cause a woman’s vaginal lubrication to dry up a bit,” explains Tammelleo.

A playful way to get around this? Get out of bed, jump in the shower together, and crank up the steam . . . then create your own steam with a hot-shower sex session. Consider it the perfect way to start a winter morning or end a chilly day.

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