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Seun Egbegbe reportedly abandoned by friends, hits 100 days in prison


Alleged fraudster, Seun Egbegbe has spent 100 days in prison according to reports. Friends of Egbegbe have not been able to secure his bail reportedly.

A source close to Egbegbe, said friends left him to suffer alone. The source said:

“Now, the frequency of people visiting him in the prison has reduced drastically. All his friends and followers have deserted him.
They are afraid of being implicated. It is only his heavily pregnant girlfriend, Nikky Berry and his parents that visit him now.
They still prepare his food from home. Most of his girlfriends and those he supports financially have deserted him. Nikky is the only girl left with him now”

Also no one wants to stand as surety for Egbegbe due to the strict nature of the bail conditions.

According to the source:

“Things are not as expected at all. He earlier thought it was a child’s play. It’s now he understands better the kind of situation he is in. I learnt that his family has since been running from pillar to post to get him out of detention, but their efforts are yet to yield the desired results as nobody is ready to stand as surety for him because of the stringent conditions attached.”

Seun Egbege was arrested for allegedly defrauding some Bureau De Change operatives of over N40 million, between 2016 and February 2017.

He has been granted bail since February of N5 million with two sureties each in a sum of N2.5 million.

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