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I’m still recovering from my separation from Toke Makinwa, says estranged husband



Maje Ayida, estranged husband of Toke Makinwa, on-air-personality, says he’s still recovering from the effects of their separation, a year later.

In a recent interview with Thecla Wilkie, the fitness expert said their separation had a negative impact on his business.

“I had quite a dramatic year last year and it affected my work in a big way. I am still trying to slowly climb back out of that hole”, Ayida said.

“I focused on my work and I let my work speak for me. A couple of the big brands I worked with got spooked and they withdrew so business was not exactly going well.

“From that incident, I learned that I do good work because I was able to focus on my work. Also, people can be vicious and judgmental even when they do not know your story.”

Maje, who’ll soon turn 44, said he could not separate his life from the relationship with Toke Makinwa, and noted that being a father is a new experience which he’s learning a lot from.

“We met a long time ago at the book club in Lagos. It’s part of me, the relationship is part of my life so I’m not going to try to separate myself it. Like I said, she is a great person and she is going to keep flying.

“Being a dad is a whole new world and there is a lot of self-discovery for me to do. I’m still learning, I’m learning every day”, he added.

The estranged couple was together for 12 years; they got married in 2014 and separated in 2015 after Ayida cheated on her, and got another woman pregnant in the process.


I’m still recovering from my separation from Toke Makinwa, says estranged husband


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