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This dude stayed 22 minutes underwater without breathing!!!



German Diver Sets Breath-Holding Record: 22 Minutes, 22 Seconds!!!

At first I thought these guys were joking with my intellect but after some research, I found out that there were facts to back this up. This is something I that is very hard to believe. Am pretty sure he is close to competing with fishes 😉



His name is  Tom Sietas, a German and 35, years old. He has a lung capacity 20 percent larger than average for a person his size. But still, if you added 20 percent to the longest time you’ve held your breath under water would you reach 22 minutes and 22 seconds? I dont think so.


Sietas, competing in Changsha, China alongside former underwater breath-holding world record holder Ricardo Bahaia of Brazil, set what appears to be a new Guinness World Records mark by defeating Bahia’s 20:21 time by over two minutes! according to the Daily Mail and Time Magazine.


The water was cooled to 41 degrees Fahrenheit to help them relax and calm their bodies. The temperature was slowly raised and by the time they were done, it had hit 95 degrees. Please dont try this at home. Remember these people are professionals and did this under close supervision!





This dude stayed 22 minutes underwater without breathing!!!

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